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Thank you Angela. If I haven't told you already, you are working at an awesome pace and it is appreciated. 


Angela, I think you are good people to a new degree not heard of often. Thanks so much. 


I would recommend Angela to anyone, she is very prompt with documents and always very professional. I had a great experience doing business with her. I am giving her 5 Gold stars. 


I would like to thank you, Angela, for helping me with my divorce. You were very helpful to me in my time of need. You can use me as a reference to anyone. You were GREAT!! Thank you again.

Alvaelinda M. 

Your services were fantastic, quick and makes my end of the process much simpler and less stressful. Feel free to add me to your references. Thanks again. 

Alysha W. 

 I highly recommend Cheap Divorce in Florida.   All I had to do is fill out a simple questionnaire and my documents were delivered in 2 days.  I filed my papers and was divorced in less than 2 months.  I am very glad that I used this service. 





My name is Arianna and I wanted to write a quick reference for Angela.  She treated me with dignity when I hired her to prepare my divorce papers.  She explained each step to me in a way I could understand.  She is efficient and very diligent.  I feel like having her go through this process with me made all the difference.




Angela was very professional, and was available to answer all my questions every time I called her. She made the process easier than I thought it would be. I would definately recommend her services.




 I went ahead and did everything you said. The case manager said everything looked good. Thank you so much for all your help. I will be in touch. Make sure you use me as a reference. Have a nice day.




Angela, you have been nothing but helpful and taken a lot of stress off of me. Add me to your Reference List, for sure! Thank you.  


First of all I would like to thank you for all your hard work. I looked over the documents and everything looks in order. I am glad that I relied on your experience and expertise. Please add me to your references as I am very happy with your work. Thank you! 


Angela, thank you so much for being such an awesome person and getting my docs ready asap. You are so amazing. Thanks for doing this for me.  

Mindy H. 

Thank you for assisting me with the divorce paperwork. I would not have known how to file nor would I have known what paperwork to file had I not had your help. 

Kate S.